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CAIRS New Interpreter Sign-up Process

by Shawn Flynn CAIRS News

Please note that Amanda is our designated Interpreter Liaison and coordinates the sign-up process for all new interpreters at CAIRS. You may reach Amanda by phone at 312-895-4300 or by e-mail at

As CAIRS operates in compliance with the Interpreters for the Deaf Licensing Act of 2009, all new CAIRS interpreters must provide a copy of an active State of Illinois professional interpreter license and review the CAIRS Freelance Interpreter Handbook, prior to being eligible for assignments.

CAIRS policy requires that all interpreters strictly follow the NAD-RID Code of Professional Conduct. In addition, for interpreters who are still waiting to receive their license, CAIRS may request a copy of the actual licensure application for documentation purposes.

CAIRS New Interpreter Sign-up Process

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