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CAIRS CHAI Healthcare Initiative

by Shawn Flynn CAIRS News Illinois News

CAIRS ongoing OSHA/JCAHO initiative presents new opportunities for our Master and Advanced License level interpreters to increase their reimbursement for designated health care assignments.

As our institutional health care clients are transitioning to operate in full compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO) by insisting on the utilization of ONLY compliant sign language interpreters. Thus, as the bar for interpreters continues to rise, it is CAIRS belief that compensation for interpreters should be reflective of such new standards.

Currently, to be OSHA/JCAHO compliant interpreters must be able to supply the following documentation:

  • Current TB Test
  • MMR Screening
  • Varicella Vaccination
  • 10 Panel Drug Screen
  • National/State Background Check & Medical Malpractice Check

Please note: some interpreters have already supplied some or all of these tests. If you would like to know what, if anything, CAIRS has on file email you inquiry to Amanda at, she will follow-up with you regarding existing paperwork. So the question becomes, what is in it for me? I'm glad you asked! In addition to being among the elite medically qualified interprets, who, needless to say, have first grab at all medical jobs, interpreters will also receive an hourly rate increase of $1.50 when performing assignments at the OSHA/JCAHO designated medical/health care facilities. Furthermore, in CAIRS on-going effort to provide our interpreters with superior service, we are thrilled to be able to cover 100% of the 10 Panel Drug Screen, the National/State Background Check, as well as the Medical Malpractice Check to ALL of our Advanced and Master level interpreters!

Once an interpreter has supplied CAIRS with a current TB test result and their MMR, Varicella documentation, CAIRS will then work with the interpreter to set-up a date and time, at a location most convenient for the interpreter, for the drug-screen and background checks. As stated, CAIRS has been informing our interpreters of these coming-changes for over two-and-a-half years and we have taken that time to establish relationships with companies that can fulfill the requirements listed above.

It is CAIRS strong desire to make this as smooth a process for all parties involved. Many of the discussed screenings are standard fare for entry into school; therefore interpreters should be able to obtain MMR/Varicella documentation from a former school (thus significantly reducing your related out-of-pocket costs).

All questions, communication and relevant documentation related to this important issue should be directed to Amanda at, or at 312-895-4300.

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