interpreters payment information

This important section presents information relating to interpreter payment information, invoice processing and fiscal policies. For the benefit of our very dedicated and extremely hard-working interpreters, it is CAIRS priority mission to both ensure that interpreter pay levels are appropriate and interpreter reimbursements are managed in the most efficient and timely manner possible. In achievement of these key goals, CAIRS will continue to improve and refine our fiscal operations.

CAIRS Upgrades interpreter payments

The ongoing qualitative changes at CAIRS include an upgrade of our interpreter pay schedule. For the time being, we have significantly upgraded reimbursements for interpreters in the upper skill level range. Other changes may follow for other skill levels in the months ahead.

CAIRS Clarifies invoice processing timeline

In order to ensure that all CAIRS interpreters possess high quality awareness regarding the invoice processing timeline – distinct schedules for calendar years 2011 and 2012 have been developed. At the present time, all CAIRS interpreters are paid two times per month. All invoice-submission deadlines have been clearly indicated per each service period. All indicated timelines will remain valid and applicable with the implementation of CAIRS new management system.