CAIRS Online Management system

One of the substantial and ongoing changes at CAIRS is the upgrading of our existing digital management system. While CAIRS already utilizes a web-based management system, the enhanced version of this system will provide additional improvements and expanded capabilities. CAIRS enhanced online management system is designed for professional freelance interpreting agencies that require an online solution for assignment offering, scheduling and tracking, interpreter preference and license level tracking, interpreter invoicing, client account management and billing, etc.

Benefits of CAIRS Enhanced online system

  • Permits interpreters and coordinators to manage offered and completed assignments in one central location to include an open-assignments bulletin board.
  • Permits Interpreters to view their calendars online monthly, daily and weekly as well as provides more reliable remote access from mobile devices.
  • Permits interpreters to access their homepage account 24/7 through CAIRS website.
  • Permits interpreters to manage and filter for data relating to their job history, mileage and more through their homepage account.
  • Permits interpreters to view upcoming/offered assignments online and submit notices of interest through an open-assignments bulletin board.
  • Permits interpreters to be offered assignments that are matched to their professional capabilities, license level and indicated availability.
  • Permits booked assignments to be followed with auto reminder e-mails.