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Please note that Amanda Doerr is our designated Interpreter Liaison and coordinates the sign-up process for ALL new interpreters at CAIRS. You may reach Amanda by phone at 312-895-4300 or by e-mail at

In Illinois, CAIRS operates in full compliance with the Interpreters for the Deaf Licensing Act of 2009. Therefore, all new CAIRS interpreters must provide a copy of their active State of Illinois professional interpreter license and review the CAIRS Freelance Interpreter Handbook, prior to being eligible for assignments.

In Indiana, CAIRS strictly abides by the Family and Social Services Administration(FSSA)Sign Language Interpreter Registry. Therefore, all new Indiana interpreters must be registered with and certified by the FSSA. In addition, all new Indiana interpreters will be required to submit a video sample of their work for review by our Deaf coordinator and in-house interpreter. Indiana interpreters must also review and complete CAIRS Freelance Interpreter handbook.

CAIRS policy requires that all interpreters strictly follow the NAD-RID Code of Professional Conduct. CAIRS reserves the right to no longer work with interpreters who demonstrate an inability to abide with the NAD-RID Code of Professional Conduct.

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