CAIRS Clients

Since 1990, CAIRS has been professionally serving the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community in greater metropolitan Chicago and Northern Illinois. And, beginning April 2012, CAIRS will begin serving clients in Indiana and Minnesota. In all three states CAIRS provides ONLY professionally licensed and/or certified interpreters who are primarily graduates of specialized sign language interpreting degree programs. All CAIRS interpreters abide by the nationally recognized NAD-RID Code of Professional Conduct.

Our priority goal at CAIRS is to effectively match our clients’ interpreter assignment request with the appropriately skilled interpreter in a professional and expeditious manner. In order for a successful interpreter service to be ultimately provided to our clients, key information is required in order to both request and fully book any assignment with an interpreter. We refer to this as CAIRS Assignment Core Information Protocol and the CAIRS Assignment Life Cycle.

In addition, CAIRS is constantly engaged in a process of continuing quality assurance, to make certain that we provide the maximum value to our clients.