Mission, Vision, and Values


Improve overall well-being of the Midwest Deaf and Hard of Hearing community through consistent excellence in provision of services as well as community education, leadership and advocacy.

CAIRS Vision

To be the leading and most respected agency serving the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community; one that continually values community collaboration, acts charitably, embraces innovation, adopts best practices and sets new standards of service excellence.

CAIRS Values


  • Set clear standards of performance and deliver on promises
  • Embrace all lessons learned and eliminate errors each day
  • Nurture and support team mates toward personal excellence
  • Collaborate with others as you would want them to support you


  • Always put yourself in the perspective of the consumer and client
  • Actively practice true fairness and justice in dealing with others
  • Understand your duty and know that others place their trust in you
  • Be generous in word and action — knowing that it will all come back


  • Value knowledge as key to the awesome power of an open mind
  • Know that the opportunity to be excellent is given anew each day
  • Continually ask yourself — how one can deliver even greater value
  • Know that excellence and work fulfillment make each other stronger


  • Work smarter, not just harder
  • Be visionary and imagine excellence and virtue as your destination
  • Actively embrace and master change for benefit of all we serve
  • Be enterprising, proactive and constantly seek out new possibilities


  • Trust that just a few good people can indeed change the world
  • Demonstrate educated, unselfish and virtuous leadership daily
  • Advocate for the welfare of consumers, clients and community
  • Actively collaborate with community and form enduring partnerships


  • Walk the talk
  • Know that your professionalism will truly impact and inspire others
  • Be clear, be honest and hold strongly onto ones personal values
  • Consistently treat community partners with respect and professionalism